Motivational Cinematography

Motivational Cinematography

Promoting excellence in motivation through inspiring, motivational film presentations



MAY 12th in Upstate New York to hear two of the most popular public speakers of our generation.               Learn motivational skills for yourself AND your staff.



Story Musgrave is a professional speaker and award winning motivational speaker emphasizing leadership, teamwork, innovation and creativity. Former NASA astronaut, flew on six shuttle missions. Story Musgrave delivers leadership and teamwork program as a professional speaker.

Dr. Story Musgrave's NASA career spanned the Apollo era to the Space Shuttleprogram into initial development of space walk strategies for the International Space Station. He loves to share his experiences as an astronaut, marine, surgeon, scientist and literary critic.


NASA selected Dr. Musgrave as an astronaut scientist in August 1967. He completed astronaut academic training and then worked on the design and development of the Skylab Program. Story learned invaluable leadership and teamwork skills as a backup science-pilot for the first Skylab mission, and was a CAPCOM for the second and third Skylab missions. Dr. Musgrave participated in the design and development of all Space Shuttle extra vehicular activity equipment including space suits, life support systems, airlocks, and manned maneuvering units. From 1979 to 1982, and 1983 to 1984, he was assigned as a test and verification pilot in the Shuttle Avionics Integration Laboratory at JSC.

Dr. Story Musgrave applies unique perspective to his favorite photographs (in the form of slides) of our Earth, the Heavens and Humanity. His powerful motivational speaker messages , and stories will stir leadership, teamwork, innovation and creativity for all audiences. 


Want a speaker that embodies a zest for WOW service and that inspires your organization to reach higher levels of performance? Then look no further than nationally acclaimed speaker Father Ken Zelten.

Prepare to be WOWed! With over 20 years of Christian matrimonial leadership experience, Father Ken passes on his dynamic passion for customer service through his dynamic training, insightful writings and inspirational keynote speeches. His enthusiasm for putting the customer first is contagious as he forges a value based partnership with those he serves to achieve WOW performance. His detailed tips and strategies provide you with all the how-to steps to make a difference in your business.
Father Ken Zelten

 Front line employees through senior executives enjoy the good Father’s dynamic and interactive presentation style as he embraces and embodies his mentoring mission statement to, "Inspire others to continuously strive for higher levels of performance, through creative and strategic methods that are always focused to achieving your goals."

Father Ken (considered by many as the “FATHER of customer service”) also lives his values statement of F.I.R.S.T. Things First. (Faith, Integrity, Respect, Sincerity and Trust)

Whether you read his book, The Wedding Planners Survival Guide ,
or partner with him and his motivational skills to change the way you do business, Father Ken will inspire you to begin your own Journey to WOW. Father Ken’s level of intensity for creating clear strategies that will help you create a WOW culture will leave you with the direction and understanding that will assist you in achieving your goals, and motivate your staff to excellence…inside and outside the workplace.

Father Ken holds a Masters of Divinity degree from Mary Immaculate Seminary, in Northampton Pennsylvania; is a member of NSA (National Speakers Association); American Association of Christian Counselors; is Director of Curriculum at BSCE Training academy in West Tennessee; and runs one of the largest, and most recognized minister services in the southern United States.


Creating a dynamic workplace with motivational excellence in cinematopgraphy. 


Contact TICKETMASTER for your oppotunity to see these unique speakers, and make plans to attend a motivational experience that will help you and your staff develope insights to 21st century motivation in the workplace.

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